Before you say "I do"

Do the work before your big day to give yourselves the best chance at love for a lifetime.


Our Approach

Your big day is fast approaching and wedding preparations are underway. It's a fun and exciting time! But, an enduring and happy marriage doesn't happen by chance.  It starts with laying a strong foundation in the beginning, and then building on that foundation through the years.

Preparation for a successful and happy long-term marriage may be the most important piece of your wedding planning.  With our Marriage Preparation Coaching Package you will lay the groundwork to experience Love For a Lifetime.

What you get

  • A pre-marriage assessment. This assessment will help you identify the strengths already present in your relationship, as well as the areas that need some work.
  • Twelve couple's coaching sessions. We will go through the results of the pre-marriage assessment to give you the tools and teach you relationship skills that will serve you throughout your marriage.

The Cost

  • Our pricing on our Marriage Preparagion Coaching Package varies by coach.  Please contact us to find out more!