Whether this is your first marriage or your fourth....make this a marriage that lasts.

Online Marriage Coaching

Start GROWING your marriage...from the comfort of your own home!

The best time to work on your marriage is when things are going well.

If your marriage is good, if it's "normal," take this opportunity to make it amazing.


Are you ready to jump into marriage coaching but you aren't sure how it works online?

It's really pretty simple. Schedule a time that works for you. Then together we'll pick the app that works best with your devices (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, or Face Time). That's it! We've written a whole blog post on why we think you should give online marriage coaching a try but we've given you the highlights below ↓.

Here's why we like online marriage coaching:

  • You get to choose your coach! Location can limit your options when it comes to counseling and coaching. But, with online coaching you can pick the coach that you connect with, you don't have to settle for what's closest to you.
  • You don't have to drive! Online marriage coaching saves you time.  Life is busy enough without spending hours in the car getting to your session.
  • No babysitter necessary. Schedule after the kids go to bed, grab a glass of wine or cup of tea, and relax.
  • You get to sit in your own home, where you are comfortable. We get to see you in your environment. You'll work on your relationship where you experience it every day. You won't learn something in the office and then struggle alone to apply it when you get home. And, you can schedule last minute sessions to help you work through issues as they come up.
Couple sitting on a couch with holding hands

One of the things we find helpful in marriage coaching is paying attention to your non-verbal communication - facial expressions, how your are sitting, how you respond when your partner says something. When we do online coaching, we have a quality camera so you can see us well, and we have a quality monitor so we don't miss your non-verbal cues. So, even though it might seem like online marriage coaching is impersonal it really isn't.

If you have been considering couple's coaching, schedule a phone session below. We'll hop on the phone for 15 minutes to get to know each other and identify how couples coaching can help you achieve the marriage of your dreams.

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Couples Coaching

What GREAT TEAM hasn’t had a GREAT COACH?

Marriage Counseling & Relationship Coaching is actually the proven path forward in your marriage. You probably don't need a "Mental Health Counselor." You need a Coach.

The great thing...Coaching can actually take place in the comfort of your own home! Coaching through an online venue such as Skype or Zoom has been proven effective & convenient. Learn More Here!

Women's Coaching

You feel like you lost yourself somewhere? Do you feel stuck? Can you remember a time when you had a dream and a plan? You knew what you wanted, and you had a plan to make it happen.

Then life got really busy. You got married, started a career or a family, or even both. Now your days are full of meeting the needs of others.

We can help you find BALANCE in the midst of all of these competing blessings. The time to get UNSTUCK is now.

Men's Coaching

Great Relationships Start With Growing Men! Hey brother, are you feeling STUCK? Experiencing failure and shame? Anger? Feeling Blamed? Is your marriage falling apart?

“Mental health counseling” fails to provide men with a clear growth path...causing them to shut down even further (or get Angry)…Let us help you get back on track in your relationships.

What Goals Are You Ready To Accomplish Now? Don't hesitate any longer...It takes a Man of COURAGE...Let's Do This!

Couples Retreats

Sometimes, you just need to get a way and REFOCUS on your relationship. We provide Marriage Retreats on both CRUISES as well as Mountain Retreats in Colorado.

Leave the STRESS at home and let us help you experience renewal and connection again. It's time to take your MARRIAGE or Relationship to the next level!

All great relationships are BUILT one brick at a time. We've designed programs for maximum impact in your relationship at a maximum value. We want you to connect deeply with one another.