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Coaching Women to Live Purposeful, Intentional Lives

Are you stuck? Coaching can help!

As women, we often feel pulled in too many directions and as a result, we feel "stuck."

We are wives, mothers, business women, and more. With so many roles it can quickly become overwhelming and we can't keep up.

As a result we experience feelings of failure, frustration, and inadequacy. We might talk to our husbands, but try as they might they can't relate. So we turn to our friends. We look on facebook, instagram, twitter, and compare ourselves to them. Maybe we throw out a question and find that everyone has an opinion. In our search for who we "should" be we lose sight of who we really are.  As a result, we lose our sense of self - we no longer know who we are, what we think, or where to turn next. We are "stuck."

What if life could be different?

What if you could discover who you are at your very core. Do you know your unique gifts and how to use them for a bigger purpose? If you did, how would that impact you, your family, and those around you?

If this is you and you are ready to pull your hair out, I can help!. I specialize in coaching women to discover who they are, find their purpose, and live intentional, fulfilling lives. Find out how your life could be different with a little help. With a little coaching.

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My name is Jonnae Shetter

I get it! I've been stuck too. I play a lot of roles in life, sometimes too many.  After starting a business with my husband and having 5 kids I felt like I was lost. If you had asked me what my hobbies were or what I liked to do, I could not have told you! I was so focused on meeting the needs of everyone else that I didn't know who I was. I remember one day standing in my messy kitchen, in my bathrobe, making pancakes for screaming children, feeling desperate for a change. I want to offer you what I wish I would have had, someone to walk along side me and help me get unstuck. But I don't just want to help you get unstuck, I want to help you flourish. 

Through life experiences and my training as a coach, I have become passionate about helping women move from being "stuck" to flourishing and taking ownership of the life that is theirs. I want to help you lead a life of intention and purpose. 

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Couples Coaching

What GREAT TEAM hasn’t had a GREAT COACH?

Marriage Counseling & Relationship Coaching is actually the proven path forward in your marriage. You probably don't need a "Mental Health Counselor." You need a Coach.

The great thing...Coaching can actually take place in the comfort of your own home! Coaching through an online venue such as Skype or Zoom has been proven effective & convenient. Learn More Here!

Women's Coaching

You feel like you lost yourself somewhere? Do you feel stuck? Can you remember a time when you had a dream and a plan? You knew what you wanted, and you had a plan to make it happen.

Then life got really busy. You got married, started a career or a family, or even both. Now your days are full of meeting the needs of others.

We can help you find BALANCE in the midst of all of these competing blessings. The time to get UNSTUCK is now.

Men's Coaching

Great Relationships Start With Growing Men! Hey brother, are you feeling STUCK? Experiencing failure and shame? Anger? Feeling Blamed? Is your marriage falling apart?

“Mental health counseling” fails to provide men with a clear growth path...causing them to shut down even further (or get Angry)…Let us help you get back on track in your relationships.

What Goals Are You Ready To Accomplish Now? Don't hesitate any longer...It takes a Man of COURAGE...Let's Do This!

Couples Retreats

Sometimes, you just need to get a way and REFOCUS on your relationship. We provide Marriage Retreats on both CRUISES as well as Mountain Retreats in Colorado.

Leave the STRESS at home and let us help you experience renewal and connection again. It's time to take your MARRIAGE or Relationship to the next level!

All great relationships are BUILT one brick at a time. We've designed programs for maximum impact in your relationship at a maximum value. We want you to connect deeply with one another.

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